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Nothing brings people together like food.When you have the right food and the right people, you have everything. That’s what our chef has thought for the 20-plus years he’s been a pro, as well as several years before that, too.Many of the best, most important times in our lives happen around food. Weddings, cocktail receptions, reunions, dinner with the whole family, with your special someone or with someone you want to be your special someone – food is a part of it all.Here at Plate and Petal, we can provide the food for all of your occasions and events.Our chef spent more than 20 years in the best restaurants, till they decided it was time to make their own restaurant. Now, with our own place, we never have to compromise. That means we can get the finest of everything: fresh ingredients from local farmers’ markets, beloved favorite dishes mixed with exciting new cuisine, a décor that’s as great for a date as it is for a board meeting and everything in between. Our restaurant is a place where life can happen.To that end, we made sure to hire a caring and committed staff that shared in the same vision, that wanted a restaurant to be the same place we did. So, we went out and got the best people for the job. But, in addition to that, we made sure to get folks who were good with people, too.Our restaurant is your restaurant. Indeed, as our restaurant is available for private events, that can be a literal statement. As we mentioned, we don’t compromise on anything here. So, if you have your event at our restaurant, you won’t have to compromise, either. We can give you the best location to hold your event.As great as our restaurant is, we understand that it’s not the only place where you’ll be eating. So, we want to cater your special event. A business lunch with important clients, an intimate family wedding and everything in between  - we’ve catered so many different kinds of great events. There are few things more exciting for us than getting to sit down with someone and figuring out how we can be a part of their next event.

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